Repair and fix

Ancient tractors are built of metal, have a powerful engine and an overall simple mechanical mechanism.

The idea was that the farmer should be able to fix the tractor in the field using parts that the company provided or just by tightening a few screws.

Lack of knowledge

Today we are slowly losing the expertise necessary to keep these machines running. The people with the knowledge are all getting older and few of the younger generation are interested enough to take the time to learn all the tricks to getting these ancient beasts working again.
Remember, the cars of today are run partly on computer and most will use a computer to connect to the car’s central computer to check for faults. In the old cars one could tinker with the engine and try out different solutions to small problems. In modern cars you could lose your insurance and at least the warranty if you try to open the hood and tinker with the engine. Even giving another car a jump-start is hazardous with modern cars. So it is not strange that young people are unused to seeing the inside of an engine and therefore will have trouble getting involved in the restoration of an ancient tractor.

Lack of spare parts

Another issue is that one is starting to see a lack of spare parts. Many ancient tractors have been scrapped to get spare parts that people can use when restoring ancient tractors. So there is a market for spare parts meaning one can still find them.
There is also another option available. There are many machine shops around the world that can make almost everything. So if you have the broken part or at least a detailed design then these can make a new part that will fit perfectly. Some feel that this is more like building new instead of restoring, but that is a discussion best suited to the purists.


For those who really love these ancient working machines there are options available. There are still mechanics that love to work with them and although they can be hard to find, they are out there.
We hope that, in the future, we will be able to give you a list of mechanics that you can contact. If you love to work on ancient tractors, we also would like to have you on our list in the future.

It needs to be used

An important point when we talk about repairing and fixing ancient tractors is the use of ancient tractors. If you restore a tractor and you leave it standing still, then you will continue to have issues with the machine. The machine is made to be used and the different moving parts need to move in order to ensure that they do not get stuck due to lack for lubricant or even worse, rust away.
So get even if you only drive it around your neighbourhood, it is important to let it out once in a while.